Rooted Yoga Class Offerings!

~Menu of Classes to Come~


Vinyasa with Guided Meditation

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A fluid, creatively sequenced class that pairs breath with dynamic movement and sustained postures to build strength and endurance in a dance-like fashion. Each movement is a gradual progression toward a peak pose, followed by a cool down and guided meditation before melting into savasana our final resting pose. This class will give you the opportunity to explore and challenge your edge and the freedom to back off or modify postures as needed. Designed for all levels of yoga practitioners. Arrive curious, open-minded and, most importantly, allow your body to inform your flow!


Monday Morning Reset

Start your week on your mat with an inspiring 60-minute flow paired with upbeat music to help you hit the reset button for your mind, body, and soul. Some yoga experience recommended, but not required.


Power Flow

Discover an invigorating approach to your practice with a heated Power Vinyasa Flow. Continuously move through sun salutations, intense core work, and standing postures. Link breath with movement while working to build strength inside, and out. This class may include arm balances and some inversions with offered modifications. All levels welcome, be prepared to sweat, have some fun and energize your body!


Vinyasa Flow

A fluid, creatively sequenced class that pairs breath with dynamic movement and sustained postures to build strength and endurance. This class will give you the opportunity to explore and challenge your edge and the freedom to back off or modify postures as needed.


Gentle Restorative Flow

Nourish yourself from the inside-out. Pair breath with movement through a series of accessible poses that gently engage and open all of the major muscle groups. Each class is creatively sequenced and open to all-levels, contributing to spinal health, improved posture, and overall well-being.


Root & Restore

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Allow your body the time and space to completely unwind, decompress and restore. This class uses props like blankets and bolsters to support you in deep-relaxation. This is a gentle, non-weight bearing practice that will help you truly rest, ease the nervous system and encourage balance and stress-reduction.


Yoga Fundamentals

Whether you have been practicing yoga for years or have never stepped foot on a mat, taking the time to learn the components of yoga poses and sequences within your body will provide the necessary groundwork for a long, healthy yoga practice. Learn the common poses, what they are called and how to safely get in and out of each one. Special attention will be placed on functional alignment (for your own body) to ensure efficacy and safety within each pose as well as how to put it all together to confidently flow through sun salutations and short sequences.


Let Go and Flow

Come let go & flow as you restore, strengthen and awaken your body & mind. You will be gently guided to challenge your personal edge as you unite your breath with balance to cultivate a graceful moving meditation. This unique class incorporates a variety of mindful yogic elements to assist individuals in cultivating a deeper level of relaxation and renewal. Combining flowing vinyasa poses, as well as more gentle restorative asanas(poses), playful breath work, guided meditation, & vibrational sound healing. This class will leave you feeling energized, free, and full of joy!

Go at your own pace, with freestyle time and individual instruction & adjustment provided. Beneficial and open to all levels.


Repair & Recover

Our daily activities, workouts, and stress take a toll on our body causing aches and pains that can become chronic. This class is all about decreasing muscular tension in the body by combining self massage techniques with simple stretches. We will use different tools to work out knots and tension followed by stretches that will help reverse poor posture and bring the body into a better state of balance. Suitable for all ages and levels, no yoga background required!

Sweat it Out!


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This 60-minute class combines ballet conditioning, interval cardio, Pilates, yoga and meditation to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, center your mind and lift your spirits! Inspired by the Lotte Berk Method, this class produces visible results, impressive total-body toning and flexibility while maintaining the utmost safety and accessibility for all students.


Mat Power Pilates

Mat Pilates is focused on building core strength, balance, and stamina. This hour long class focuses on proper alignment and thoughtful movement. Class will start slow in order to set a solid foundation to build on and then steadily increasing in intensity and repetition to provide students with an intense result driven fitness class. Students will be guided to stay aware of their breathing patterns while focusing on keeping the deep core muscles firmly engaged and staying in proper spinal alignment throughout the class. Mat Pilates is easily modified to fit the needs of a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. Props may be incorporated in the class to intensify the work out.


Buti Yoga

Buti is a trademarked invigorating style of Yoga that uses high intensity primal dancing along with shaking to catalyze vibrational change in the body and plyometrics all woven into a charged Vinyasa flow. This heated class will challenge you, transform your body and awaken your inner fire! Buti focuses on spiral movements of the spine strengthening the core while targeting both the inner and outer stabilizing muscles. This class is for all levels although basic knowledge of yoga is helpful. Modifications are always available! Come get your sweat on in this invigorating and uplifting class!


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