Jennifer Beth Kelly

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Jennifer is a Mindfulness Coach and Master Yogini. She has been an avid practitioner of wellness, yoga, and the art of living in peace for over twenty-five years. A native of Falmouth and Certified Yoga Teacher, Jennifer has taught and lived throughout the United States. Her classes are guided in a spontaneous and intuitive manner, where she enjoys sharing a joyful and engaging presence with her students.

Jennifer has been described by students as “having a special gift as a remarkable Spiritual Guide whom is truly inspirational and has a way of combing peacefulness and laughter in her classes.”

As a Mindfulness Coach, Jennifer works with private clients ranging from individuals, executives and business clients to assist others in achieving agreater level of awareness & mindfulness to help in cultivating a moremeditative peaceful way of being admits the practical stresses of real life. In this way, Jennifer inspires clients to increase the quality of their lives by connecting to greater levels of lightness, peace, and joy. Jennifer has a passion in assisting individuals in allowing their lives to thrive in more fulfilling ways and ultimately awakening the joy within.

Jennifer also offers Co-Ed Renewal and Women’s Empowerment Retreats locally throughout the year. She also actively works in the local addiction recovery community on Cape Cod offering destress & relax classes and yoga therapy to clients. Jennifer also offers a free mindfulness meditationgathering each week for women in recovery.

Jennifer grew up as an Innkeeper on Vineyard Sound & Falmouth Harbor,helping her family run their Bed & Breakfast in season for 22 years. She was an honors student & top athlete at Falmouth High School andgraduated magna cum laude from Babson College. She has worked inBoston, New York City, and Southern California in the fields of EquityResearch, Management Consulting, and Corporate Finance.

Off the mat, Jennifer enjoys living a health & fit lifestyle, running along the shore, boating, photography, gathering with friends & family, and day tripping around the Cape & Islands.