Karyn Najarian, Owner


Karyn was born and raised in Colorado Springs. She moved to MA to work in Cardiac Surgery in 2001 and fell in love with New England. She transitioned into Orthopedic Device Sales a few years later and met her Husband while working in Boston. The Ocean was calling, so they moved to Falmouth with their 2 young girls in 2014 to put down Roots and haven’t looked back!

“Your Soul is attracted to people the same way flowers are attracted to the Sun, surround yourself with those who want to see you grow.” Pavana

“Your Soul is attracted to people the same way flowers are attracted to the Sun, surround yourself with those who want to see you grow.” Pavana

Karyn came to yoga in attempt to relieve back pain and increase strength and found so much more! Yoga offered a pathway to holistically heal anxiety and old wounds through the simple act of stillness, deep breathing, bringing her attention inward and the power of being present. In attempt to learn more about this ancient practice and deepen her own spiritual and physical practice, she signed up for a 200 hour Yoga teacher Training in 2017 and has continued to study the philosophy, history and science behind Yoga and Meditation.

Karyn has always had a desire to help those in need and was looking for a way to provide a service that would benefit the Falmouth Community where she resides. After finishing Yoga Teacher Training, she decided to open Rooted, a Yoga and Fitness studio that would make practicing Yoga more accessible by offering child care, class times from early morning into the evening, locker room with showers, affordable community classes, classes for clients with disabilities, as well as veterans and cancer patients. The studio is being designed in hopes clients will stay after to grab a hot tea, read a book or cultivate a new friendship.

Karyn trained with Tara Prinster, and is certified to teach Yoga for Cancer Patients. She looks forward to offering this class as a service to the community. She has also had the great opportunity to audit Valerie Ugrinow’s 200 hour YTT that is being offered through Rooted Yoga as well as take private lessons with her to deepen her knowledge. Karyn is working on her certification in Kids Yoga as well As Barre Training.

Karyn is proud and grateful to have an amazing, supportive and caring team by her side who a have a genuine desire to serve others by sharing their knowledge, gifts and talents!

Vanessa Kuly, Manager


Through the practice of movement, Vanessa inspires students to connect with their own personal wisdom, achieve strength of mind and body and open up to their own expansive potential.  Vanessa discovered Yoga in 2006 as a powerful way to connect her body and mind and has been studying intensely ever since.  As a dancer for most of her life, she found yoga to integrate movement with something deeper; a natural flow of the body with the breath that she found profoundly healing and energizing. After graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in teaching, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2010 with Linda McGrath of Yoga Source Los Gatos (CA) and taught yoga passionately full time.  She found pilates soon after yoga and fell in love all over again!  After obtaining her Mat Pilates certification with Balanced Body in 2012, she incorporated this amazing practice into her teaching schedule as well.

Vanessa moved to the East coast in 2017 where she continues to share her passion for movement and is currently getting certified to teach Barre and Buti Yoga! In class, she uses her knowledge of the body through years of training to help her students build strength, flexibility and self-awareness.  There is nothing more rewarding to her than sharing her love of yoga and movement with people of the community and creating something beautiful with them.  Vanessa’s classes provide a fun and relaxed, yet challenging atmosphere.  

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Valerie Lucas, Director Of Education



With 20+ years of yoga practice and 26+ years of mindfulness practice, choosing to teach yoga was a natural shift for Valerie. Her classes and events are transformational. She has the ability to facilitate multi-dimensional experiences, helping her students connect to his/her own inner personal power. Valerie genuinely connects with and empowers each of her students, whether it is their first time on the mat or they have been practicing with her for years.

Her authentic teaching style blends functional alignment with dynamic flow, a dose of humor and plentiful opportunities for self-inquiry. With a strong focus on the breath and intelligent transitions, Valerie is able to hold space for her students in a way that allows for maximum growth on and off of the mat.

Valerie is passionate about this practice and about sharing it with others so they too can experience what she calls, 'The Golden Mind.'

Valerie is the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Rooted and will be hosting 200hr Teacher Trainings throughout the year! She will be teaching mentoring workshops in the studio and is currently available for private lessons. Follow the link below to find out more about the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training starting October 10th being held at Rooted!

Anna Lambros

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Anna has lived on Cape Cod for 30 years. She comes from a big Italian family immigrated from Italy in 1966. Growing up in and around the Boston area, attending UMass Boston and later Lesley University for her Masters in the Creative Arts. Her background is Elementary Education teaching for 9 years in Mattapoisett. Then choosing to be a stay at home mom to fraternal twin boys, she began her practice shortly after. She has been practicing for 20 years and has been teaching in her Cape Cod community for the past 12 years. She is 200 hour Hatha certified through Inner Peace Yoga School and 500 hour Vinyasa certified through All That Matters School of Yoga with Coral Brown in Rhode Island. She is also a practicing, certified Reiki Master.

“Yoga is meant to be lived. It is a balance of maintaining and making use of your energy in a positive way, using your asana practice as an awakening.” Anna teaches a graceful vinyasa flow, beginning and ending with meditation, leaving you feeling refreshed, present and grateful. She teaches the Hatha practice connecting breath and movement using Anusara principles mastered by John Friend. Her practice is on-going and is always eager to learn and share.


“Yoga helps me balance my life with positive energy. It is just as much a part of my life as my faith, family and friends. It has given me the freedom to share and teach the benefits of the physical and emotional well being of the mind, body and spirit connection that yoga and mediation bring. The practice of yoga allows me to live a healthy balanced lifestyle with grace, peace and joy in which I choose to share!”

Kelly Chadwick, RYT 200


Born and raised on Cape Cod, Kelly has been practicing yoga for over 11 years. Yoga has enhanced her life by inspiring her to live more mindfully, using her breath to anchor her into the present moment. 

Kelly completed her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2018. She went on to continue her education with mentorships, workshops, private sessions, and most recently, a second 200 hour teacher training with The Golden Mind Project, in an effort to continue growing as a teacher, as well as a student of yoga.

Kelly is eager to share her passion for yoga, by helping you to explore the positive and healing energy that yoga will create in your life.

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Danielle Ayotte, RYT 200

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Before falling in love with yoga, Danielle was the co-founder/owner of Taggies, a global baby products company. Growing up in New York and then relocating to Central Massachusetts where she met her husband, Danielle was used to being on the hamster wheel of “life in the fast lane”. Despite skyrocketing business demands, mothering her three wonderful children always came first. Every Taggies office included a room for her accompanying “littles” and Danielle bounced between school events, trade shows and meetings for years. After the company’s sale in 2011, Danielle began business and marketing consulting and a journey of self-care. Taking time for her physical body and mind was a new endeavor as it was always at the bottom of her never ending “to-do” list. A believer in “anything is possible”, and entirely new to athletics, she committed to her first 5K before being able to run down her driveway. A triathlon, 10K, and half marathon later, Danielle is passionate about believing in yourself and helping others feel the same.

After her dream of moving to Cape Cod was realized, Danielle decided to try something else entirely new. Falling in love with yoga and its myriad of benefits 7 years ago, Danielle is only disappointed she didn’t incorporate it into her life earlier and encourages others to start where they are and that it is never too late to begin. Danielle has combined her nurturing instinct, compassion for others, and drive into her yoga teaching. A 200-hour RYT from The Golden Mind Project, she enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow classes to all levels while integrating and honoring mindfulness as a lifelong skill to hone and be treasured. Danielle adores her “second chapter” in Mashpee with her amazing husband, David. She is an active runner and enjoys cycling. Her young adult children, Ryan, Rachel, and Ben are endless sources of joy.

Cady Lee Fitz, Group Exercise Instructor

All her life, Cady has been a fitness enthusiast. She enjoys yoga, running, weight training, nutrition and engaging in many outdoor activities with her husband and kids. Her "soul mate" workout has become Buti Yoga. Buti Yoga has become her form of self-love therapy. She refers to it as "buti bliss." Cady has been practicing Buti yoga for 2 years and has been a certified instructor for 1 year. She is aiming to complete her Buti Yoga 200 hr RYT (registered Yoga teacher) training to further her practice as well as, working on her Buti Sculpt (HIIT) Instructor Certification in 2018. Cady is originally from Dartmouth, Ma and recently moved to Pocasset in September of 2017, where she resides with her husband and two children, Tyler and Kailey.

Danielle Nardi, Doctor Of Physical Therapy

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Danielle is a 200-hour vinyasa trained yoga teacher and doctor of physical therapy. Danielle's vision for her teaching is blending her yoga training and belief in the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with her physical therapy knowledge and clinical experience to support overall physical, mental and social well-being.

Danielle believes everyone can benefit from yoga and she is passionate about making yoga and mindfulness accessible to as many individuals as possible. While in graduate school Danielle partnered with a rehabilitation hospital to offer an adaptive yoga class to share yoga with individuals who many not be able to attend a general yoga class and she regularly incorporates yoga into her therapy work with patients. 

Danielle completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training and restorative yoga training with Gail Grossman of Om Sweet Om in New York and studied yoga for athletes with internationally recognized authority Sage Rountree. As an active runner Danielle appreciates the benefit of incorporating regular yoga into training and enjoys sharing these benefits with other runners and athletes. 

In classes expect a laid back atmosphere, plenty of options to choose from throughout the practice to make it your own and always a bit of humor!  

Amelia-Rose O'Connor

Amelia is a PoundFit Pro Instructor with a lot of enthusiasm and a talent for creating fun, upbeat classes with an inclusive atmosphere making all level of students feel welcome.  Amelia began taking PoundFit and immediately fell in love with how amazing she felt during and after this heart pumping, invigorating class.

PoundFit is a mental and physical release unlike any other workout class. This rhythm based workout leaves her and her students feeling empowered, connected and free. Amelia received her PoundFit teacher training under Kristen Potenza, Pound Co-creator and CEO in January of 2019 and has been teaching ever since.

Amelia is dedicated to providing her students with a dynamic, fun and supportive class. She is committed to growth and is focused on continuing her education to help her best serve her community and students. Amelia is enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at Rooted this fall and will use this new training to compliment her fitness class trainings as well as her Ayurvedic lifestyle!


Britt Burbank

Miss Britt.jpeg

My name is Britt. I am the owner of Yoga Jamboree. 

When I was 15 years old, I had two rods put in my spine to correct Scoliosis. This major surgery at a young age may have been a blessing in disguise because it led me to yoga. 

I’ve maintained a regular yoga practice through my adulthood and the healing I did to my body was mind blowing. Even epic enough for me to listen to the little whisper inside my head to become a teacher and give this gift to others. I began teaching Bikram hot yoga to adults. 

Simultaneously, in the first decade of my adult career, I was immersed in education and human behavior. Whether it was coaching Special Olympics or being the Day Camp Director at summer camp, I began to notice the same needs not being met in our children. Our children are lacking tools for emotional awareness and self regulation.

My yoga teacher education quickly flooded into my job working at a special needs boarding school for teenagers with complex cognitive disabilities. Yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques became a huge part of my skillset to help young adults deal with the challenges that come with Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety based disorders, and ADHD.

Eventually, it became glaringly obvious to me that yoga should be a regular class in school. It creates an intentional platform to teach kids self care, empathy, equality, fun, love, confidence, self love and gratitude.

We see alarming numbers of suicide, self harm behaviors, and drug overdoses in our youth. Our kids are less connected, more effected, and socially neglected.

The first step to learning anything is to gain control of your physiological and psychological state. That’s what yoga and meditation does. Yoga is not religious. It’s science. It’s a healthy habit to improve your life.

Our mission is to support kids in developing a healthy set of tools to be able to regulate their emotions and manage stress. Building connections, confidence, and a growth mindset through yoga, meditation, workshops, and other various jamborees. Empowering a healthy, happier Cape Cod by helping our youth build solid, resilient foundations of who they are. 

Yoga Jamboree will offer kid’s yoga classes, educational workshops for teachers, birthday parties, private groups, and teen workshops on self care.

Ten percent of all retail sales will be donated to the “Win Yoga Jamboree” - a fundraiser dedicated to funding yoga in our Cape Cod schools. Donations can be made here. 

 I love putting jamboree on the end of anything. I love telling kids we are going to have a good, old fashion toilet, cleaning jamboree! We have bedtime jamborees, friendship jamborees, even IEP jamborees! 

Because life is supposed to be fun! And fun is something you bring with you! 

We are supposed to be happy and abundant. Look at Cape Cod. This beautiful place is our HOME! How lucky are we? 

I've connected and collected so many wonderful yoga teachers, healers, and community leaders on Cape Cod that have like minded intentions to make our home thrive. Knowing that joining together we can make a large impact on our youth and the health of our community.

Now let’s make Cape Cod not only beautiful, but the best place for kids to grow and develop.

Britt Burbank
Founder, Yoga Jamboree

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Katherine Beatty


My name is Katie, a “born and raised” Cape Codder, lucky enough to pass that title on to my three beautiful children! For as long as I can remember I have been a lover of movement; training in ballet since the age of 4 and practicing Pilates since high school. After having my first child, I fell back in love with both of these practices and went on to pursue a career in Traditional Pilates! I am passionate about finding ways to feel my best both inside AND out, and I love to pass this along through my teaching. 

I am a certified Traditional Pilates Instructor, and have been teaching mat classes on Cape since 2017! I am certified in all levels 1-5 (Beginner-Advanced) Mat, as well as Heated Pilates, Pre/Postnatal Pilates and all Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Tower, Magic Circle).  I cannot wait to share my love for Pilates with you! 

Nikki Gagnon, E-RYT-200

Nikki Gagnon, E-RYT-200

Nikki is a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT-200) who has been practicing yoga for over 11 years. She completed her yoga teacher training in early 2016 in Burlington, VT. She primarily teaches vinyasa but with having the oppuninty to practice throughout the US, Canada, and overseas, she's able to bring elements of various styles of yoga into her classes. Nikki is originally from Maine and enjoys hiking and snowboarding during her off time. She is currently working on her 500hr designation through Kripalu School of Yoga and completing her BS in exercise science.

Jennifer Beth Kelly

Jennifer Beth Profile Pic.jpg

Jennifer is a Mindfulness Coach and Master Yogini. She has been an avid practitioner of wellness, yoga, and the art of living in peace for over twenty-five years. A native of Falmouth and Certified Yoga Teacher, Jennifer has taught and lived throughout the United States. Her classes are guided in a spontaneous and intuitive manner, where she enjoys sharing a joyful and engaging presence with her students.

Jennifer has been described by students as “having a special gift as a remarkable Spiritual Guide whom is truly inspirational and has a way of combing peacefulness and laughter in her classes.”

As a Mindfulness Coach, Jennifer works with private clients ranging from individuals, executives and business clients to assist others in achieving agreater level of awareness & mindfulness to help in cultivating a moremeditative peaceful way of being admits the practical stresses of real life. In this way, Jennifer inspires clients to increase the quality of their lives by connecting to greater levels of lightness, peace, and joy. Jennifer has a passion in assisting individuals in allowing their lives to thrive in more fulfilling ways and ultimately awakening the joy within.

Jennifer also offers Co-Ed Renewal and Women’s Empowerment Retreats locally throughout the year. She also actively works in the local addiction recovery community on Cape Cod offering destress & relax classes and yoga therapy to clients. Jennifer also offers a free mindfulness meditationgathering each week for women in recovery.

Jennifer grew up as an Innkeeper on Vineyard Sound & Falmouth Harbor,helping her family run their Bed & Breakfast in season for 22 years. She was an honors student & top athlete at Falmouth High School andgraduated magna cum laude from Babson College. She has worked inBoston, New York City, and Southern California in the fields of EquityResearch, Management Consulting, and Corporate Finance.

Off the mat, Jennifer enjoys living a health & fit lifestyle, running along the shore, boating, photography, gathering with friends & family, and day tripping around the Cape & Islands.