Personal Training

No matter what your physical fitness goals are, Hilery can help you begin to make progress and will support you on your journey. Everyone comes to personal training with different goals in mind. Some common goals include wanting to get in shape for a wedding or a reunion, being able to keep up with the grandchildren, rehabbing an old injury, or gaining better balance and mobility for longevity.

Hilery has a wealth of experience working with serious health conditions and disabilities. For people with severe mobility issues, workouts may only be 15 minutes of exercise and 15 minutes of stretching. Every person needs something different and we will help guide you on what you need to focus on. We are flexible in our approach and happy to create a customized package to suit your needs.

There are a few thing we need to know in order to create your plan and once that is set up, the workouts and nutrition coaching can begin. Make sure you book an assessment to get started.