This is an in-depth one hour consultation to help you assess where you are now and what your goals are. Different assessments available include: body fat, girth measurements, BMI, posture assessment, flexibility assessment, functional movement screen, strength and cardio assessment, and lifestyle/habit assessment. Once this session is completed it allows us to create a unique plan customized to help you reach your goals.

Most people are familiar with a fitness assessment. We will take your measurements, body fat percentage, and weight first. Then we will take you through a variety of standardized exercises to test your strength, balance, and mobility.

Our flexibility assessment uses nine different stretches to help us understand which areas in your body are the tightest. This helps us build custom stretch routines and allows us to customize your Thai Yoga Massage better.

We use a great app called PostureScreen that helps us analyze your posture down to the centimeter. This helps us plan your workouts with exercises that will be best for your body and customize massages to help improve your posture.

For lifestyle assessments we use Ayurveda to help us find the best daily routine for what you need in regards to sleep, self care, exercise, and nutrition. This session is a requirement of personal training.