Up-level your teaching and your ability to tap into the heart of each of your students. On the 3rd Thursday of every month (from June through October), join a community of teachers at Rooted Yoga to fine-tune your cues, enhance your delivery & efficiency of language, build confidence, and learn the techniques to elicit a multi-dimensional experience from your students.

6:00 – 9:00PM

June 20th – Multi-Dimensional Bodies: A dive into the Koshas

Why do some yoga classes elicit an emotional response where others are simply a workout? Moving through asanas is a physical practice, but even more-so is a practice of awareness and subtle energy. If you are ready to up-level your teaching from providing a workout to offering a multi-dimensional experience, then it all starts with a deeper understanding of what makes us multi-dimensional beings and how to incorporate that wisdom into your classes.

July 18th – The Art of Centering & Guided Relaxation

There are many components that comprise the maha vinyasa (full cycle) of a yoga class. Setting your students up for success in their ability to transition into the present moment, generating concentration and spaciousness, all begins the moment they step on their mat. As the teacher, and the maestro of your students’ experience, mastering the art of opening and closing each class is just as (if not more) important than the asanas between.

August 15th – Efficiency of Languaging

Once there is a deeper understanding of the different layers of being, awareness is built on the effects of language in teaching. Language permeates all layers of a yoga class and has the ability to empower or disempower your students in their experience. Intelligent languaging supports students in remaining more present to their own internal experience while feeling safe in the outward structure of a given posture.

September 19th – The Physical Body + the Art of Assisting

Yoga postures are evolving from aesthetic to a more functional alignment within the body. Understanding the desired effect of each pose allows you to support your students while avoiding injury. Each student has unique needs, and knowing how and when to utilize the various types of assists, you will not only better support your students, but also facilitate attunement to the wisdom of their own body.

October 17th – Practice Teach: Putting it All Together

Fostering personal and professional growth, the Practice Teach allows you to demonstrate your understanding and integration of the methods and tools taught throughout the program and celebrate your accomplishments.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Investment includes all five sessions and a certificate of completion. Our goal is to offer an intelligently scaffolded, well-rounded program that will guarantee maximum growth. Therefore, partial options are not available.